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Network Marketing

Network marketing provides a number of things, but two important issues with people are the opportunity to succeed and to be recognized. In these crazy economic times, in traditional J.O.B.’s (just over broke) people are getting laid off or fired because the boss doesn’t like them, or finds him/her intimidating.  Well in network marketing you’ll never get fired, even if you’re not very productive…or even if you earn more than your sponsor! Oh yeah! that happens very often…and the more business you do, the more you’re helping your sponsor’s business.  It’s an amazing concept that attracts people for a myriad of reasons, money being one of them…but there’s so much more.

Desire to be recognized. So many people go to work every day at the same old grind, do a good job, but never get recognized for it. Network marketing is different…this profession makes a huge fuss when you make your first sale, and the next one, and is celebrating its people all of the time! And they should…it’s the people that build their businesses. Network marketing companies want to praise their distributors and publicly acknowledge their accomplishments. Most workers are starved for any amount of recognition where network marketers are showered with it!

Another reason, positive attitudes, friendliness, and willingness to help one another. Spend the day or an evening with a group of network marketers and you’ll leave a more positive person. You can’t help it…it’s contagious. When one networker finds something that works, they don’t keep it a secret – they share it so that everyone can take advantage of it. Color, creed, gender, education, and seniority are never an issue…even the richest most successful network marketers are the humblest group you’ll ever meet.

Personal development.  More and more, workers are losing self-esteem as a result of the daily beat down by jobs, employers, coworkers, commuters, and the economy. Attitudes take a nose dive and stress takes its toll on their health. At some point, they look themselves in the mirror and ask, “WHY?” That’s where network marketing comes in, with weekly training calls, cd’s, books, meetings, all encouraging distributors to work on themselves harder and more than they work on their business.

“I thought everyone would be motivated by the money, but a lot of people are attracted by the recognition. Imagine someone who has gone to work every day for years, grinding it out and never getting any recognition, not even a pat on the back. As soon as they join a network marketing company and get a little success, they go to a meeting with hundreds or thousands of people, and they’re asked to stand up so that everyone can cheer for them. That puts fuel in their boiler! They can’t wait to get out there and do something so they can get recognized again.”

Last but not least is the freedom to set your own hours and work around your family’s schedule.

As a network marketer, you get a chance to teach other people and watch them succeed, and most people relish that opportunity. If things work out, you may even earn a tremendous amount of money.

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