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TF Pets™ Transfer Factor for Pets

Loyalty, Protection, Labor, Performance, Friendship and Companionship—because they have come to mean so much to so many of us, 4Life has developed an outstanding line of supplements that help promote superior animal health. They combine the advantage of balanced, comprehensive nutrition, including valuable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients, with the patented immune system support of Transfer Factor Plus. 

Transfer Factor and Feline Formulas are the most advanced immune support supplements ever formulated for dogs and cats. These high-quality Human Grade ingredients provide triple strength protection with Transfer Factor XF™, ThymuPro™, and Cordyvant™. This powerful and proprietary blend of ingredients works together to activate and enhance the immune system’s ability to respond to the many pathogens your pet comes in contact with. In many ways, our pets face even more health challenges than we do, because they come in contact with a less clean environment than humans, and are therefore more susceptible to many other pathogens. Because of this, it is much more important to provide them with the immune support and nutritional needs that keep them healthy and happy.

Raise Your Animal’s Immune I.Q.  What are transfer factors and how do they work?

Transfer Factor XF™ is a safe substance for all animals.  Transfer factors are the primary communications mechanism used by the immune system to defend your pet against harmful microbial threats. Transfer factors are small molecules that consist of specific sequences of amino acids. These small compounds naturally occur in all mammals and are passed from mother to newborn through the mother’s first milk called colostrum. These small transfer factor molecules then start to educate the newborn’s naive immune system, which in turn will protect them from the microbial threats they encounter all their life.

Transfer factors have three primary functions. When we encounter a potential microbial threat transfer factors: 1) recognize and alert our immune system to the “threat” 2) condition our immune system to respond quickly to “threats” 3) remember the threats we encounter to quickly respond in the future

Key Components in TF Pets™ Transfer Factor XF™

This is 4Life’s original proprietary extract of transfer factors. Derived from bovine colostrum, transfer factors are immune system molecules that contain the intelligence codes for immune recognition and balance.  They literally transfer immunity across species from a competent host to a recipient.

ThymuPro™– Thymus Complex Containing Thymus Protein and other Proteinaceous Compounds which support T-cells.

Cordyvant™  Cordyvantª is a proprietary combination of glyconutrients (IP6, Beta Glucans and Aloe Vera) which support the innate immune system. In addition, glyconutrients activate white blood cells to produce antibodies without the help of T-cells.

Montmorillonite:  Montmorillonite provides a rich spectrum of essential trace minerals that activates enzymes necessary for proper digestion and energy. These trace minerals also help your pet maintain strong bones and teeth.

Brewers Yeast:   Brewers yeast contains important nutrients that help promote healthy-looking skin and coat.

Note: If your animal is sensitive or intolerant of brewers yeast, use the human formula, Transfer Factor Plus, which is yeast free. Many veterinarians recommend giving the human formula, TF Plus, to their animals. The content of the capsule can be sprinkled in the animal’s food.

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